Our Approach

The current trend in the payment market is the move from heavily regulated banking into payment institutions. This enables customers to open accounts and make e-payments quicker and easily throughout the UK/EU. The costs of operation, including relevant staff, and regulatory compliance is insignificant compared to the same in banking.

Our Story

We will offer user-friendly payment services that will allow customers to open and manage accounts online, submit and update all relevant documentation and register for all products and services. We will use the latest advanced ID identification, including face recognition software, technology to facilitate our onboarding process and mitigate fraud risks.

Meet the Team

Our team has significant experience in banking, payment, regulatory and legal compliance, including experience in the UK/EU.

We have the right skills and contacts to ensure that the business plan will be implemented as intended.

Dr Furkat Elmirzaev


Fatiha Hammaly

MLRO and Compliance

Dmitri Kiziryan

Chief Commercial Officer

Mostafa Elaghil

IT Director

Pricing plan options
4.99 €/£
Up to 1,000 €/£ turnover per month
9.99 €/£
Up to 5,000 €/£ turnover per month
19.99 €/£
From 5,000 €/£ turnover per month